News from Macedonia

The new church building in Kumanovo is now up and running. There is still work to complete, but church meetings are already taking place there. This new building is already helping to give the evangelical Christians greater recognition or ‘legitimacy’ in the town. A seminar was recently held in the Kumanovo church, which led to the people going out and sharing the gospel in the town – praise God for the impact and wonderful experiences encountered! 

Sveti Nikole is another town on the hearts of the church. Ten believers from around Macedonia met together in the central park there, to pray for blessing on the town and for a future church to be planted there. The Bible League have been running a course in Skopje, to train potential church planters and workers, and some of these students are planning to go to Sveti Nikole when they finish their course in June.

Two visits to Piacenza, in Italy, where around 10,000 Macedonians live, have taken place so far this year. It is hoped that a further visit can be made soon, to serve the Macedonians living there.


  • For God to raise up a church in Sveti Nikole and to lead people to serve Him there.
  • That the church in Kumanovo will grow in numbers and make an impact in the town.
  • For God’s guidance and timing for the next visit to the Macedonians in Piacenza, Italy.


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